Introductory Gong Workshop & All night Gong Puja
to Jun 17

Introductory Gong Workshop & All night Gong Puja

Join gong masters, Ali Gunning and Simone Salvatici for a special Introductory Gong workshop,  A rare opportunity in London to attend an in-depth introduction to playing the Gong and its healing potential. Everyone attending the workshop will then put their new skills into practice, taking turns to pay in the All Night Gong Puja; A sacred celebration and sound meditation consisting of 10 x 45 minute continuous gong baths throughout the night.

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Intrinsic Roundhouse: Sleep in Concert
to Mar 3

Intrinsic Roundhouse: Sleep in Concert

Will be playing an immersive experimental gong/synth set for this rather unique event organized by Lani Rocillo.

Intrinsic Roundhouse - a full moon sleep-in gathering set In the Ramadan Mosque, a historic building known as a hub-intersection of various spiritual practices including Hebrew, Muslim and Shamanism.

An embracing vibratory space exploring altered states, sensory awareness and expansion of consciousness through immersive, intuitive and meditative sound performances, surround gongs, hypnogogic visuals, sacred Cacao ceremony, lucid dreaming plants, Dream Narration and Kundalini Yoga.

Artists and Practitioners: 

✣ Annabelle Stapleton-Critenden
✣ Christian Duka (DVKA)
✣ Joie de Winter
✣ Katy Dron
✣ Kelly Lee Owens
✣ Lani Rocillo
✣ LeyLey Do Mar
✣ Malachy Orozco
✣ Matthew Brock
✣ Maxwell Owen Reynish
✣ Nathalia
✣ Patricia Carlotta
✣ Rituals of Rhythm
✣ Simone Selvatico
✣ Vincent Morris

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