Salvaticus Selvatico is a playground for my sonic explorations and personal journey.

The inner sound in between trance and contemplation”. BlowUp

...a divine session of time-dilating, resonant drone meditations on Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, and synths. Lovely, focussed music, full of presence and room recorded intimacy, that rewards focused, durational attention with transportive effect..." BOOMKAT

For over a decade I have explored resonance and interaction between holistic, intuitive and sacred instruments, such as Gongs and Himalayan and crystal Bowls, in combination with Synthesisers, processed sound, and controlled feedback. Within my last works and under the alter ego of Salvaticus Selvatico I immerse myself into an inward sonic journey observing and disclosing the hidden connections of contrasting elements, such as movement and stillness, acoustic and processed sounds, as melodies rise in and out of drones, in activation and contemplation, weaving a fragile balance between two polarities continuously evolving.

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