Simone Salvatici

I'm a London based, composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound artist and sound therapist whose music has been often associated with the Minimalist,  Ambient, Drone and Spiritual trance genre.

In these pages I'm trying to connect and bring together all my sonic experiences that go from punk to minimalism from soundscape to sound healing. For sometime I have struggled to find a connection with all these different approaches but I can now see that are all coming from the same source, my absolute pure and deep commitment with the sound element.  

As composer of instrumental music my compositional projects are primarily conceived around the disclosing of contrasting elements  such as movement and stillness, acoustic and processed sounds, melodies rising in and out of the drones, activation and contemplation, resulting in a constant shift between two polarities continuously evolving.   

In the last 20 years have been releasing records with many collaborative projects such as Clorinde and Polbrone and as alter ego name as Salvaticus Selvatico. I have been also collaborating with filmmakers, directors and visual artists and  performed in venue such as Tate Modern, Sadlers Wells Theatre, Natural History Museum, V&A, Cafe Oto, Centre of Contemporary Art Glasgow as well as international festivals.

As a Sound Therapist I use the experience gained from the intensive studies done at the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), my own researches as well as the immersive learning with Grand Gong Master Baba Don Conreaux.

My intention is to promote movement, energetic and emotional shifts believing that holistic resonance and trance state has the capacity to combine the spiritual experience of contemplation with the ecstatic feelings of inner truth.  

I use large gongs, Planetary and Symphonic Paiste and Oetken gongs as well as traditional chinese type of gongs, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, tuning forks, Synthesisers and other drones instruments.