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Alchemic sounds: Gong Bath and Sound Immersions

  • Yoga Body Centre 152-156 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0QJ London, United Kingdom E5 0QJ UK (map)

The sound of gongs and complexity of their ever regenerative harmonics when played in a particular way for certain amount of time has enormous benefit on the individual, facilitating a deeper relaxed state also know as altered state of consciousness (ASC) similar state of deep meditation. 
Many researches show that staying in ASC for prolonged amount of time may encourage a softening of the ego state therefore welcoming a more unified thinking, self awareness, openness, creativity, energetic shifts and on a physical domain lowering blood pressure and certain chemical in the blood such as stress hormone cortisol level. 

January is a great opportunity to set new intentions and open to dreams and your instinct.

I'm very looking forward to move deeper in this new cosmological period, era of wisdom, intuition and self knowledge enabling more and more changes and transformation. Transformation is never a painless process though and it needs focus and perseverance. Observe the nature! 
This is why it is important to have a regular practice, to expand consciousness, retune within your own essence and to be a source of light. You are your own healer and the only one that ultimately have the power to make changes in your life; just create the opportunity and space for it. 

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