Simone Salvatici

I'm a London based, composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound artist and sound practitioner whose music has been often associated with the Minimalist,  Ambient and Drone genre. In these pages I'm trying to connect and bring together all my sonic experiences  that go from punk to minimalism from soundscape to sound healing. For sometime I have struggled to find a connection with all these different approaches but I can now see that are all coming from the same source, my absolute pure and free commitment with the sound element.  
As composer of instrumental music my compositional projects are primarily concerned with disclosing contrasting elements  such as movement and stillness, acoustic and processed sounds, melodies rising out of the drones and return to them, activation and contemplation, resulting in a constant battle between two polarities continuously evolving.  I am particularly interested in combining these polarities together making them coexist to the point that they become something else that lives of its own.   

I have been releasing records with collaborative projects such as Clorinde and  Polbrone  playing a vast array of musical instruments and as well as under the name as Salvaticus Selvatico. I have been also collaborating with filmmakers, directors and visual artists and  performed in venue such as Tate Modern, Sadlers Wells Theatre, Cafe Oto, Centre of Contemporary Art Glasgow.

As a Sound Practitioner I use mix methods learned from  the studies done at  the British Academy of Sound Therapy, BAST, as well as Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and  Ayurvedic and Eastern Philosophies. My intention is promote movement, energetic and emotional shifts.  I use large gongs, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, tuning forks and other drones instruments.